Fabric based continuous flow through system that makes worm composting a breeze! Available in 5 sizes ranging from 5 gallon bucket to 8 cubic feet of surface area.


I started my vermicomposting journey with the Vermibag Mini and have had great success with it. I currently own two mini’s and a mammoth. These bags are available in five sizes and are made in a variety of colors.

The most unique feature is the optional vermi-window that allows you to take a peak inside the worm bag to watch the worms at work. My kids love taking a look inside and are amazed at what the worms can turn cardboard and food scraps into.

These bags are veteran made using only quality materials and the owner provides excellent customer service.

Yes, this is an affiliate link. This bags are not mass produced so the manufacture takes orders thru his website which is linked in the “Get Yours Here” button.


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