Blurred hour glass. How much how time does it take to keep worms

How much time does it take?

We are all busy and have many demands on our time, so how are we going to fit another hobby into our busy schedule?

Raising composting or bait worms does not have to be a drain on your day. In fact, if you only run one system, your time requirements could be about 10 minutes a week after getting your system running.

Initial set up of your system can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on if you have a paper shredder or not. I am working on a free quick start guide in order to teach you how to do this quickly and efficiently.

The first few days of worm farming, you may feel excited and possible a little stressed out. If you are like me you will check on your worms every few hours to ensure that they are ok. Do not be alarmed or mad at yourself; this is normal! The first week is always the hardest, but soon you will find yourself more comfortable and will go longer without peeping into the system.

The first feeding should be completed between day three and five with your new bin. This gives your worms time to settle in and get familiar with their new environment. Weekly feeding will usually take less than 10 minutes. While you are doing your feeding you will need to check the moisture level of your system, the general appearance of your worms and add bedding.

After you have followed this routine for a few months, it will be time to harvest your castings and this is where your biggest time requirement may happen, unless you have a plan and follow it. In the coming weeks, I will discuss the harvesting processes that I use in order to speed up the harvesting and can now complete harvests in about four minutes!

That’s it, with the exception of setting up and harvesting, you can successfully run your system in under 10 minutes a week. In fact, it took me longer to right this post than it did for me to check on all of my systems tonight.

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