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About Us

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you how I got started with worms.

My name is Matt and I originally from Alabama. Once I retire from the Army, I will own an organic grass-fed farm to provide for my family and I was looking for a way to work towards that goal when I stumbled across raising worms. I was living on a horse farm in Michigan and dealing with manure piles was becoming a headache that I didn’t want to deal with. I started researching solutions and discovered that worms can turn horse poop into the an amazing soil amendment called vermicompost. I spent hours researching the power of the worm and decided to give it a try.

The first attempts seemed to fizzle before truly getting started and I did not understand why, so I went back to researching and discovered my error. I had not let the manure go through the hot composting cycle prior to introducing the worms. The heat generated by this process was killing the worms, so I started looking for another way and started a family.

Fast forward five years, I am now living in Louisiana and I am married and blessed with five awesome kids (that love to fish with the worms) but have the itch to begin working towards my farming future; so back to worms for me. This is something that I can start now and build up my knowledge and experience while still serving this great country. I have researched and learned about keeping worms at home to eat our food waste as well as produce that miracle compost for my garden and I want to share this knowledge with you.

I sincerely hope that this website will inspire you to start raising worms, either for fishing bait or for creating your very own amazing compost!